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Text or Call: 6010-2782559

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Better you

Better life



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Bringing a healthier & better life to the public. We achieve this by working relentlessly to develop astounding products that improve people’s well-being.

We strongly believe that being better in both health and wealth will ultimately lead to a better life. With vigorous plans and a clear pathway towards bringing everyone to abundance health and wealth, this led to the creation of Ascentrees International.

Experience the Marvel of Quantum Wave Energy

Step into the incredible realm of Quantum Wave Energy, where we proudly present remarkable slimming, beauty, and wellness products. Our carefully chosen natural ingredients are infused with the cosmic energy of Quantum Wave, working harmoniously with your body and soul.

Prepare to be amazed as Quantum Wave Energy revitalizes your skin, shapes your body, and ignites your inner radiance. Join us on a transformative voyage of beauty and well-being by choosing our products.

Uncover the incredible power that lies within you.

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The Special Business Opportunity

Specially designed the scheme and provides a platform & opportunity for young entrepreneurs to unleash their talents and potential in sales and networking to generate income more effectively and effortlessly.