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A Scientific Achievement Easier and More Effective Than the Law of Attraction.

Qonnect Balancer

With just one device and one card, the energy of the universe will respond to your call and work for you.

Boost Your Wealth

If you want to attain wealth, hard work alone isn't sufficient; you must also have 'luck,' and luck is a form of energy. With the help of Qonnect BALANCER devices, you can effortlessly enhance your financial fortune and enjoy abundance and prosperity.
Quantum BALANCER Card Series
  • #15 Chakra Balance
  • #18 Improve Memory
  • #19 Prosperity
  • #20 Improve Relationship
  • #21 Increase Confidence
  • #23 Motivation

Changing the Environment

Apart from physical and biological aspects, our thoughts and feelings are also a form of energy. Through Qonnect BALANCER devices, we can connect with this energy to bring about changes in our environment and manifest our desires.
Quantum BALANCER Card Series
  • #3 Eliminate Negative
  • #8 Eliminate Jet Lag
  • #13 Neutralize Radiation
  • #20 Improve Relationship
  • #24 Attract Love
  • #25 Release Fear

Promoting Health

To attain good health, one must be in a healthy energy field. Qonnect BALANCER devices can also be used to eliminate negative energies surrounding us, including stress, anxiety, and insomnia, to achieve balance in the energy field.
Quantum BALANCER Card Series
  • #1 Sleep
  • #3 Eliminate Negative
  • #8 Eliminate Jet Lag
  • #9 Reduce Stress
  • #10 Lose Weight
  • #12 Reverse Aging

Correcting the Magnetic Field

Healthy interpersonal relationships allow us to thrive, achieve more with less effort, and experience the joys of love. This enriches our lives and fills our hearts with happiness. Qonnect BALANCER can make seemingly dreamlike desires come true.
Quantum BALANCER Card Series
  • #3 Eliminate Negative
  • #13 Neutralize Radiation
  • #14 Spiritual Growth
  • #15 Chakra Balance
  • #20 Improve Relationship
  • #24 Attract Love

I am a severe insomniac. After using Qonnect BALANCER for some time, something magical happened. Now, whenever I lie down in bed, my body and mind enter an unprecedented state of calm. I fall asleep without even realizing it, and I sleep through the night. My sleep quality has improved significantly.


I used to be a salesperson, and my performance was far from ideal. I always had a habit of imagining the worst-case scenarios, and unfortunately, they often came true. However, ever since I started carrying the Qonnect BALANCER Device with me, I have gradually gained confidence. My interpersonal relationships have improved noticeably, and my sales performance has also seen a significant boost!


I believe in feng shui and destiny, but I initially used Qonnect BALANCER with skepticism. It wasn't until I witnessed its effects: a business deal that had made no progress for almost three years suddenly started going smoothly. The most incredible part is that my migraines have gradually improved, and now I rarely need painkillers.

Years of research and development
Loyal users
Days witness results

Heading Towards a Bright Future

The Qonnect BALANCER quantum wave energy device is not just a tool; it’s the golden key to excellence, empowerment, and happiness. Every time you use it, you propel yourself towards a brighter future.

We have full confidence in the research results and user experiences of our product. Please do not hesitate; you will find the answers as you use it.

Now, let’s officially embark on this journey to explore the mysteries of energy.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Since ancient times, as long as people know and make good use of the theory of Feng Shui, they can change the “energy” of their environment, which will have a positive impact on their fate, career and fortune. Simply put, Feng Shui is a method of attracting and enhancing energy through layout and arrangement. As long as you gather energy that is favorable to you, you will continue to attract good fortune and wealth for yourself.

However, have you ever thought about the fact that you can still attract and increase wealth for yourself without the need to organize and spend money on layout, emphasize on furniture and house decoration, add fountains, fish tanks or other decorations containing flowing water, or make use of the theory of the Five Elements and their interactions?

Can we skip this process and go straight to the final result of strengthening our wealth?

Feng Shui is like a bank. All human transactions need to be carried out through a third party, the bank, in order to get the final results.

However, the birth of digital currency, completely decentralized role, today’s human transactions are point-to-point instant to the account, no longer need to go through a third party, but also to achieve the purpose of the transaction. Assuming that our ultimate goal is to attract and increase wealth, is it possible to achieve instant peer-to-peer transactions like digital currencies, as if “skipping” the feng shui setup process?

Qonnect Wave Energy Instrument was born for this purpose, it disseminates quantum wave energy, which is essentially an “end-to-end”, “point-to-point” energy, which can help us to omit the middle of the process, and directly to the purpose of attracting and increasing wealth. This is not a fantasy, not to mention inspirational chicken soup, it is a science that has been verified by countless experiments.

By raising the energy around you, you can create a ripple effect of positive change for yourself and those around you, and in turn, get the wealth you want.

Next we will tell you how Quantum Wave Energy can be used and how it can affect the areas of money and business, and if you are running your own business then Quantum Wave Energy can definitely give you an edge when it comes to sales.

First of all, we need to understand what quantum wave energy is. Quantum wave energy is a concept that originates from quantum physics and refers to the fluctuation of energy in microscopic particles. This fluctuating energy exists not only in matter, but also in our consciousness, thoughts and feelings.

In classical physics, we often see that things have a fixed position and state, but in quantum physics, everything is fluctuating and indeterminate, which provides us with an infinite possibility. If we can master and apply this quantum wave energy, we can create the results we want in life.

In business, the key to success lies not only in having good products and strategies, but also in being able to capture those seemingly elusive opportunities. And Quantum Wave Energy provides us with just such opportunities. By aligning our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, we can make ourselves more connected to the universe and thus more likely to attract the opportunities we want.

Let’s say you’re running a store where many customers come in every day to have a look around, but not everyone buys anything. You might think, “If I could know what my guests want, or know ahead of time which items will be popular, then my sales would be much higher. And Quantum Wave Energy can help you do just that.

By aligning your mindset with the energy frequencies between the universes, you can more easily attract guests who are genuinely interested in your merchandise. And, you can also unknowingly attract guests who have a need for your merchandise, but weren’t originally planning to come to your store.

What does it take to do this?

First, you need to be clear about your goals. What kind of guests do you hope to attract? What items do you want them to purchase? Once you are clear on these goals, simply by activating the Qonnect Wave Energy Meter and selecting the correct Wave Energy Card, you can begin to align and change the magnetic fields and energies around you, ultimately aligning your desires with your results.

Secondly, you need to let go of your worries and fears. Often times, we worry that our merchandise won’t be popular or that our guests won’t buy anything. But these negative emotions are actually preventing us from attracting guests. So, we need to let go of these emotions and allow ourselves to stay calm and open so that the Qonnect Wave Energy Meter can do its job more smoothly.

Finally, you need to take action. Though thoughts and emotions are important, if you don’t take action, then it’s all just talk. So, you need to take some real action every day based on your goals and plans, and stay positive to help attract more guests.

Overall, Quantum Wave Energy provides us with a new perspective to better understand and grasp the opportunities in our lives. If we can use the Qonnect Wave Energy meter correctly, then we can create better results in both business and life.


RM3888 / unit
  • 适合放置于身体附近,您可以将其挂在腰带上或在使用电脑时将其放置于附近。虽然将其放置于手提包中仍然会产生效果,但相比下没那么强。
  • 有效的范围约为 6-8 英尺之间
  • 附送「#3 消除负能量」 和 「#13 中和辐射」两张量子平衡卡


RM4888 / unit
  • 适合放置在房间的中心位置。尽管墙壁可能会对信号传输产生一定干扰,但大多数情况下,墙壁不会完全阻挡信号的传播。
  • 理想的空间面积为1000平方英尺 (105平方米)
  • 附送「#3 消除负能量」 和 「#13 中和辐射」两张量子平衡卡