Win A New Life

S贸Yin pure chocolate drink, is excellent to satisfy hunger,
improve your health infuse with high nutrition, for a new lifestyle!

Natural Plant Extract
No Preservative
Dairy Free
Undergo Strong Clinical Research
Gluten Free
No Ingredients of Animal Origin
No Artificial Colors

Meal replacement is no longer design only for the busy bees. In addition to providing a feeling of fullness and gives energy, S贸Yin cocoa can also relieve acidity, remove dirt from the body, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

The healthiest pH value of human body fluids (blood, gastric acid, sweat, urine, etc.) is at 7.35~7.45. Due to the influence of our daily habits and environment, most of our pH value of body fluids is below 7.35, which consider as 鈥渁cidic constitution鈥. People with this type of constitution mostly have low immune and has the potential risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

Acidic constitution prone to diseases like:

  • Diabetes,
  • Obesity,
  • Hyperuricemia,
  • Gastrointestinal sensitivity,
  • Diarrhoea,
  • Gastric

Balancing your body鈥檚 pH value is as simple as boosting your metabolism and filling your body with nutrients. It is vital to regulate the functioning of the body and improve the body immunity.

lead you to a new life
build a new healthy body

3 Days

Improved mental alertness and concentration
Unlimited energy to body

7 Days

Weight reduced and edema relieved
Body shape become obvious

21 Days

Increase immunity
Great improvement of gastrointestinal system, healthier body

Boost Energy

Up to 100 nutrients, provides energy and stay energized

Weight loss

Improve long-term satiety, inhibit excess appetite, help in weight loss and weight management

Strengthen physical health

Reduce acidity, optimize body function, increase immunity, fight against harmful bacteria


  1. Provide lasting fullness
  2. Helps in weight loss and weight management
  3. Eliminate free radicals and delay aging
  4. Regulate immune function
  5. Optimize digestive system and relieve constipation
  6. 鈥淎cid discharge鈥 improve the acidic constitution
  7. Low calories and doesn鈥檛 gain weight
  8. Balance healthy blood sugar and blood pressure level
  9. Increase body energy

Suitable for:
Office workers, Housewife, Food lovers, Suffers from constipation, Obesity co-morbidity, Slow metabolism.

THe Main Ingredients

Chocolate Powder

is made with high quality cocoa beans and special grinding techniques, it is rich in fiber and minerals. It has the function of promoting metabolism, reducing pressure and lowering blood pressure.

  • Skin protection and delay aging
  • Accelerate fat burning, metabolism and breakdown
  • Maintain emotional health and reduce negative emotions
  • Improve insulin levels
  • Relieve fatigue

Organic Soya Bean Powder

rich in protein and a high level of antioxidants to support essential amino acids for body growth and development.

  • Lower blood pressure and inhibit angiotensin
  • Anti-fatigue, reducing lactic acid levels in blood
  • Reduce body fat, promote satiety and regulate appetite
  • Effective cholesterol elimination
  • Helps improve athletic performance and muscle recovery


has a rich fiber content and probiotic effect, which can stimulate the growth of probiotics in the colon, maintain the intestinal microenvironment and promote the health of digestive system.

  • Promote slimming effectiveness and weight management
  • Improve bowel movement and prevent constipation
  • Strengthen immune system and slow the aging process
  • Promote nutrient absorption in body
  • Remove impurities and toxins from body

Other Ingredients

Broccoli extract

  • Promote skin whitening effect
  • Against harmful bacteria in gut
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects

Kale Sprout Extract

  • Regulate cholesterol balance
  • Rich in Vitamin K
  • Maintain cardiovascular health

Kiwi Extract

  • Rich in Vitamin C, K and E
  • High level of dietary fibre
  • Helps prevent diseases

Recognition & Certified


Nano penetration technology

The nutrients will be transformed into small molecules, it is easily absorbed by the human body, and direct penetration into the body functions. This helps the brain absorb energy and nutrients quickly, which ensures function properly and promotes healthy sleep.