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Text or Call: 6010-2782559


Natural Plant Extract
No Preservative
Dairy Free
Undergo Strong Clinical Research
Gluten Free
No Ingredients of Animal Origin
No Artificial Colors

While facing delicious and delicate food, we worries about eating too much that causes three-highs. Hence, it is crucial to control our desire to eat.

All in all, it happens when we are not getting enough fibre from our daily diet, to help us inhibit sugar absorption, speed up food breakdown, promote bowel movement and digestion. This will cause food residues to stick to the intestinal wall and form stools over time.

The Symptoms






SóME locks up every meal nutrients for you, automatically suppress fat out of the food, removes accumulated toxins, and gives you a healthy and light body!


Fat body size
Constipation issues


Eliminate edema
Body condition improved


Bye toxins
Hello beauty!

Block Fat

Inhibit the formation of excess fat, accelerate fat metabolism, and drain fat naturally

Internal Cleanse

Inhibit the formation of excess fat, accelerate fat metabolism, and drain fat naturally

Beautiful Skin

Scavenging free radicals, delaying aging, restore natural luster of skin


Promotes fat burning & dissolution

Promote gastrointestinal motility

Improve skin condition

Enhance the ability to break down fat

Optimize the intestinal microenvironment

Recovery healthy and luster look

Healthy oil elimination & detoxification

Remove excess toxins in the body & dissolution

Strengthen the immune system

Suitable for:
Office workers, Housewife, Food lovers, Suffers from constipation , Obesity co-morbidity, Slow metabolism

THe Main Ingredients

L-CARNITINE is an amino acid derivative that transports fatty acids to your cells for energy conversion.

  • Helps flush out excess fat
  • Improve three-highs
  • Slimming and weight management
  • Maintain healthy liver system
  • Lightens burden loads in the brain

ENZYME can speed up chemical reactions to support life. Enzymes perform a very important tasks such as destroying toxins and breaking down food particles during digestion.

  • Strengthen the gastrointestinal system
  • Nourish the intestinal probiotics to grow
  • Prevent constipation
  • Strengthen the ability of nutrient decomposition
  • Improve nutrient absorption in the brain

Other Ingredients

White Kidney Bean Extract

  • High in soluble fiber
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Inhibits carbohydrate absorption

Aloe Vera Powder

  • Moisten bowel, improve constipation
  • Promote metabolism
  • Remove toxin, enhance immunity

Water Soluble Chitosan

  • Prevents absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol
  • Reduce LDL
  • Promote the efficiency of the digestive system

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

  • Inhibits fat formation
  • Promote metabolism
  • Regulate healthy blood sugar level

Recognition & Certified


Nano penetration technology

The nutrients will be transformed into small molecules, it is easily absorbed by the human body, and direct penetration into the body functions. This helps the brain absorb energy and nutrients quickly, which ensures function properly and promotes healthy sleep.