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QONNECT Balancer — Quantum Wave Energy Technology

Quantum Wave Energy is a great science, born out of systematic exploration and experimentation, that utilizes the power of electrical and electronic circuits to measure and manipulate the various vibrations and subtle energies in our world, both tangible and intangible.

Through the Quantum Wave Energy technology of the QONNECT Balance, we are able to receive and transmit these subtle energies, which, when used correctly, allow us to influence our environment and change situations in order to achieve our goals and aspirations.

The QONNECT Balance acts as a “medium” connecting human consciousness with the subtle energies found in various objects, creatures, ideas and forms. Whether it is an object, concept or goal, it can be represented by numbers, coordinates or symbols and can help accelerate and amplify the realization of a variety of goals such as: personal growth, skill enhancement, vibrational healing, solving personal challenges, business success and more.

The QONNECT Balance reduces everything to numbers, coordinates or symbols, enabling us to measure and shape the vibrations of our body and environment. It acts as a powerful enhancer, gradually pushing what we think and feel towards our goals.

Yet quantum wave energy exists not only in matter, but also in our consciousness, thoughts and feelings. In classical physics, we often see that things have a fixed position and state, but in quantum physics, everything is fluctuating and indeterminate, which opens up an infinite range of possibilities:

If we can master and apply this quantum wave energy, we can create the desired results in our lives.

Quantum wave energy emerged as a field of study in the 20th century, and has gained popularity among science enthusiasts. Quantum wave energy has been widely used for therapeutic purposes, especially in the United Kingdom and India, and France has long been studying the use of different devices. Germany and other European countries have successfully incorporated it into bioresonance therapy. These devices measure and treat patients with electrodes and aim to establish a connection between human consciousness and energy for the assessment of health and disease.

In the past, quantum wave energy could quantify energy emissions from human organs, providing information about chakras, meridians, and physical and mental illness. While these ideas are not widely recognized by conventional science, alternative and quantum wave energy therapies have been effective for some people who have not been able to find a solution.

"Peer to Peer" Energy Transfer: A Modernized Medium for Feng Shui

We can view it as a modernized medium of Feng Shui. Feng Shui has its origins in an ancient Chinese philosophical system, and since ancient times people have known how to use Feng Shui theories in order to alter the ‘energy’ of their surroundings in order to positively shape their personal destiny, career prospects and wealth status.

In short, Feng Shui is a way of attracting and enhancing the energy in your environment through the layout and placement of objects. By focusing and directing beneficial energies, we are able to attract good fortune and wealth on a consistent basis.

However, have you ever wondered if there is a way to achieve a change in the energetic environment that brings good fortune without the time-consuming and laborious task of laying out and designing the environment, adding decorations or water elements, or relying on the rules of the five elements?

Can we bypass a series of complicated processes and directly achieve enhanced luck?

Feng Shui layout is a bit like a bank, where all daily transactions must go through a third party, the bank, to finalize the transaction.

However, with the rise of digital currencies, the idea of decentralization is coming into its own. Today, human transactions can be peer-to-peer and instantaneous, and no longer need to rely on a third party to be able to fulfill their goals.

If our ultimate goal is to attract and increase “good luck energy”, can we achieve instant peer-to-peer transactions like digital currencies, just like “skipping” the tedious process of feng shui layout?

The QONNECT Balancer was created to do just that. The quantum wave energy it transmits is essentially a “peer-to-peer” energy transfer that can help us bypass the middleman and directly achieve the purpose of attracting and increasing luck.

This is not a pipe dream, let alone a fictional story. As we mentioned before, quantum wave energy is a scientific concept that has been proven through countless experiments, and there have been many well-known scientists who have published studies related to it.

By simply boosting the energy of your surroundings, you can set in motion a chain reaction of positive changes that will lead to the realization of your desired good fortune. In the next section, we will explain in detail how the QONNECT Balancer works and how it affects our energetic environment.

QONNECT Balancer User Manual


RM3888 / unit
  • Ideal for placing near your body, you can hang it from your belt or keep it nearby while using your computer. While placing it in a handbag will still produce an effect, it is not as strong in comparison.
  • Effective range is approximately between 6-8 feet
  • Includes two Quantum Balancer cards: "#3 Eliminate Negative Energy" and "#13 Neutralize Radiation".


RM4888 / unit
  • Ideal for placement in the center of a room. Although walls may interfere somewhat with signal transmission, in most cases they will not completely block the signal.
  • Ideal space size is 1000 square feet (105 square meters)
  • Includes two Quantum Balancer cards: "#3 Eliminate Negative Energy" and "#13 Neutralize Radiation".