Company Overview

Ascentrees International is a network marketing company in Malaysia that relentlessly work towards introducing a very attractive profit-sharing method and consumer-oriented approach to its distributors and customers. The Company specifically designs the scheme and provides a good platform and opportunity to encourage participation of distributors to unleash their talent and ability in sales and networking and generate income more effectively and effortlessly. Our belief is trust and cooperation, together we grow stronger.

Mr. David is the founder and managing director of the Company. Meanwhile, he is the soul and spirit to lead his team toward greater achievement. He is a passionate leader who is willing to share, mentor and help others. He also motivates and lead his group of people by adopting his rich knowledge and experience.

With vigorous plans in his mind and clear pathway towards bringing everyone to abundance health and wealth, this led to the creation of Ascentrees International.

He strongly believe that only you are better in both health and wealth will ultimately lead to better life.

“Better You, Better Life”

鈥淟ost time is never found again.鈥

鈥 Benjamin Franklin 鈥

In the globalization age, the introduction and innovation of technology allows us to access different information, culture, and people around the world as well as make our life better. However, it fastens the living pace and brings impacts to people. The hustle and bustle of the city life brings imbalance lifestyle to the people. People often busy working towards their goals and neglect their body condition. Heavy work schedule leads to stress, insufficient of sleep, health issues, inappropriate diet and more. Ascentrees introduces 鈥渂etter you, better life鈥 concept and profitable platform to ensure people to achieve work life balance. Ascentrees aims to instill self-love concept to the public as we believe that love and care ourselves bring better life and happiness, also able to take good care of our beloved one.

Our Vision

To create wellness and wealth to the public by providing quality products and services as well as effective yet profitable marketing platform.

Our Mission

To become one of the leading and reliable direct marketing company which provide digital marketing platform to its distributors;

To ensure fair and equitable remuneration through our sustainable marketing plan so as to reward the hard work and effort of the distributors; and

To contribute to the society and environment in order to fulfill the responsibility as an ethical company.